Monday, August 21, 2017

"Somebody Sing Me A Song" by Duane Thorin

Duane wrote this song a long time ago, certainly long before I met him.  "Somebody Sing Me A Song" would just occasionally pop out of him.  Here he is performing at The Coffee Gallery at the Open Mic he used to host from about 2009-11.  It looks like he is playing Jim Barille's guitar for a change.  Jim is very protective of that guitar.
This also shows the lovely stage built by Dave Ray for this cubby of The Coffee Gallery, so we had a "Stage" set aside for events that happened in the front window. We used to call this space and the events that happened there the "Frontstage" as opposed to the "Backstage", which was and is still happening in the back through a special door by Bob Stane.

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